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Optogait – #1 Functional Assessment System.


OptoGait is a superior tool of gait analysis which we believe will become the standard method for objectively measuring and reporting the efficacy and progress of your Chiropractic care.

OptoGait acquires numerical parameters in real-time for gait, running, jumping and march-in-place tests that can be viewed immediately.  The easy to read report contains all data, and asymmetries between the two legs are highlighted instantly.

OptoGait does not only detect the numerical data, but, via small cameras, which can be freely positioned, it allows the user to acquire images of carried out tests, synchronizing them perfectly with detected events. Without the need for any further synchronization between hardware and cameras, the numerous benefits of cross verification of data and images can be fully used. A more detailed video analysis can be had by further utilizing the dedicated utility (angle, distance calculus, graphic tools, etc.).

This technology is being used in the top Olympic training camps, International Professional Sports Clubs, by top Chiropractors in the NFL for post-concussion, return-to-play assessment and by the top sports and rehab DC’s in the world.

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