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Performance Care

What is Performance Care?

Performance Care is a suite of services provided at GSSC individually crafted to improve an athlete’s performance in his or her chosen sport.  We know that subtle or dramatic changes in the physiology of an athlete’s body can have a tremendous impact upon the time and effort required to perform an activity.  A difference of just a few seconds improvement in a runner’s performance can mean the difference between a win or loss.  However, difficult training regimes, repetitive motions (swimming, running, cycling), and overworked muscles all place a great deal of stress on an athlete’s body.  These stresses cause physiological changes that cannot be counter-acted by simple exercise regimes.  They require physical manipulation of the tissues to remove the problem and return the athlete to optimal performance in any sport, from triathlon, weight lifting, skiing and tennis to running, cycling, golf, and swimming.

How does Performance Care Differ from the Cumulative Injury Care

Performance Care is used to increase the performance of an athlete (speed, endurance, strength) by working with soft tissues, joints, and body awareness to enhance their performance.  In contrast, Injury Care deals with known, existing, identifiable injuries to soft tissue.  Its goal is to address the cause of these injuries, and return the soft tissues to normal condition.  Performance Care identifies unnoticed or hidden restrictions in the motion of the body, and removes these restrictions to restore full function.  Performance Care requires a good understanding of the biomechanics of the human body.

When to use Performance Care

Performance Care treatment methods are used after treating existing pain, dysfunction, or trauma.  That is, after Injury Care has been applied.  Subsequently, Performance Care methods are employed to address the most significant dysfunction affecting performance. Often, these may be the same areas as the existing pain or dysfunction.

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