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At Grove Spine & Sports Care, our primary focus is to provide excellent treatment for neuromusculoskeletal injuries, while achieving individualized health and performance goals that exceed our patient's expectations. Our highly skilled professionals blend traditional methods with innovative techniques to speed healing time and return patients back to their active lifestyles.

Treatment Philosophy:

At Grove Spine & Sports Care, we take pride in the amount of time and attention we devote to our patients. We carefully evaluate each person’s needs focusing on the root cause of pain and impairment, not just the symptoms.

Our goal is to return you back to your daily activities, sporting events, or upcoming race as quickly as possible. Our average patient's injuries are resolved to 90-100% within 3-6 visits. If we are not the right type of care for your injury or condition, we will make the appropriate referrals to another healthcare provider.

We feel it is essential for patients to play an active role in their recovery. Extensive patient education is given in regards to symptom management and body mechanics. In addition, exercise programs are tailored to each patient to speed healing time and help the individual maintain their body long after finishing treatment at Grove Spine & Sports Care.