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General Nutrition

With over 44,000 diet and nutrition books on the Amazon website, it's hard to know where to turn for solid advice. Dietary issues can show up in any area of your life; mood, sleep, immune function, digestive function, work output, sports performance are commonly affected. Books are great resources, but to tackle these tough issues, you need a partner that can help you navigate the difficult terrain. Whether you're considering a change to your body composition, just want to learn ways to eat and live a healthy lifestyle, or are looking to optimize your nutrition for sports performance, we can help with our science based, outcome oriented approach for you.

We use a personalized approach throughout. We start by taking a thorough nutritional history, including blood work, lipid and hormonal panels as needed. From there we identify key habits and create plans to affect change.

Franz Szymanski offers nutrition counseling and coaching services. Mr. Szymanski has taken advanced classes in nutrition and follows the latest research and updates in the field. We prefer working with Precision Nutrition by Dr. John Berardi. For other information about nutrition facts, check out The Wellness Blog.